World’s Coolest Car Turns Into Hulk When Wet

Jun 17, 2015 at 6:07 pm |

This is pretty much the coolest thing since I don’t know what. We’ve seen Hulk cars before (namely in Tokyo Drift), but this new one really takes the cake.

In the video below, check out the customized BMW X6 that the German graffiti artist Rene Turrek turned into an Avengers masterpiece. What at first looks like a pretty standard blue car actually has special blue paint that turns transparent when touched by hot water, revealing an incredible Hulk paint job underneath.

Imagine seeing this baby at the carwash, or driving alongside it if the rain were warm enough!

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Anyone else immediately think of the best childhood toy, Hot Wheels, after seeing this video? Reminds me of the Color Racers campaign they had way back when. Vintage commercial for your viewing pleasure:

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You won’t like this car when it’s angry…you’ll love it!