Who Would Actually Win in a ‘Call of Duty’ vs. ‘Halo’ Fight to the Death?

May 26, 2015 at 12:21 pm |

Master Chief unmasked at last…

Who would win in a battle between Master Chief and a Call of Duty Juggernaut?

For plenty of millennials and gamers in general, the battle between Halo and CoD is very real. Australian twins Danny and Michael Philippou took the gaming divide to a whole new level in this incredible video.

The battle begins as a group of jerky teenagers waste their time playing CoD at grandma’s house. One of the insults came from Xbox One saying, “The only game it has is Halo… sh*t.” He immediately regrets his words when Master Chief comes crashing through the ceiling.

The editing in this video is unreal. How the young group of “wannabe film-makers” — called Racka Racka — put together something so compelling is beyond me. I was hooked way before the senior citizen Nazi zombies came around, and by the time the Juggernaut shows up, granny’s house gets WRECKED.

Posted yesterday, the video already has almost 1,500,000 views. The whole thing beautifully parodies gameplay, even down to the finer details of teabagging.

All in all, these are some seriously good special effects, not to mention the hilarious acting. Who do you think would really win in a battle between Master Chief and some CoD n00bs? See for yourself below.

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What’s better, PS4 or Xbox One? This is the “CoD” versus “Halo” battle you’ve always wanted to see!