Watch This Fascinating Video of Spider Crabs Migrating Together in Giant Underwater Pyramid

Apr 22, 2015 at 11:51 am |

Forget Jaws and forget the sando aqua monster, this video is going to make you think twice before the next time you go in the water.

It’s migration season for spider crabs in Australia, which sends eager divers underwater to try and capture the awesome phenomenon.

What one diver saw, however, took him totally by surprise. Thousands of spider crabs creeping along the ocean floor in a giant pyramid, moving slowly but surely along the basin of Port Philip Bay.

Could you image stumbling upon this? Crabs aren’t too scary, but there’s something about thousands of them clumped together and moving around that makes me cringe at the thought of hopping into cloudy water at the beach this summer.

Either that, or it’s because there’s something strangely similar to the subway at rush hour.

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