This Little Guy Is The Great Grandfather Of Our Future Robot Overlords

Jul 29, 2014 at 9:57 am |

Meet Jibo. He is the world’s first family robot. He’s pretty cute, and his robot babies will murder your unborn children. Do you find this shocking? Well you shouldn’t, because Matrix, HAL 9000, and Terminator! We all know how this story goes people!

It’s said that some people will sell you the rope to hang them with. When it comes to the robot apocalypse there is a group of people helping to speed along the inevitable. The makers of Deathbot–I mean Jibo–actually went to crowdfunding to help sponsor their project to cleanse the Earth of humans. And those silly humans were oh-so-willing to help out. The Jibo people had a goal of $100,000, but they blew past that and, as of this writing, have raised 1.2 million. We’re screwed.

So we can add robot apocalypse to the list including nuclear holocaust, global pandemic, climate collapse and all the other things that will lead to the demise of humanity. At least this one comes in the form of a cute little guy that can read you bedtime stories.

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This guy is definitely the cutest thing that is trying to end the human race. And it may be impossible to stop him.