This Guy Figured Out Yoda’s Weight Using the Force… Er, Physics

Sep 8, 2015 at 10:07 am |

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Some questions in life may confuse us and have us reflecting for years on end: what is the meaning of life? Why do we exist? What’s in Big Mac Secret Sauce? And how much does Yoda weigh?

Well one brave man went ahead and used The Force… er, physics, to answer that final question once and for all. And when faced with finding the mystifying mass of this Jedi Master, it all came down to one thing: Luke’s one-armed handstand in The Empire Strikes Back.

Rhett Allain at Wired wrote this humorous and very informative article that uses some heavy physics to calculate Yoda’s mass. Take a look at some of his proof here:

Source: Wired

This stuff is already way over my head, not to mention the calculations that follow. But the result was something weirder that even a young Padawan who got a B+ in AP Physics can realize doesn’t make much sense: Yoda’s mass in negative.

Allain found that, according to the assumptions he made and the math he performed, Yoda would have an approximate mass of -43.7, meaning that he would have to be pulling up on Luke during the handstand, even though he seems to be standing there calmly. So how does this make any sense?

According to Allain, unbeknownst to Luke, Yoda is actually using The Force during this training exercise to help Skywalker maintain balance and grow stronger and more confident. Sort of sounds like an easy way out of a complicated physics question to me, but who am I to question motives of wise Yoda?

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You won’t believe how much this tiny Jedi Master actually weighs.