This Girl Can Speak 20 Languages

Jan 9, 2015 at 3:14 pm |

Credit: Smokahontas Official
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Yeah, you read that right. Finnish YouTuber, Sara Forsberg, can speak TWENTY languages – and she makes them all sound convincing!

Ok, maybe she doesn’t speak all 20 languages fluently, but she’s still the coolest polyglot we know.

Did we mention that she’s also beautiful enough to be a super model?

So brush up on your Gaulish and Hawaiian, because that’s the only way you can ask this one on a date.

Forsberg initially gained attention when she posted a video on YouTube focused on what languages sound like to foreigners, raising over 13 million views for the post.

Check out her original hit below!

Credit: Smokahontas Official
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She might be the hottest polyglot we’ve ever seen. Check it out!