These Guys Built a Massive, To-Scale Solar System in the Desert

Sep 17, 2015 at 2:02 pm |

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Credit: Alex Gorosh/ Wiley Overstreet

If we were to build a scaled model of the Solar System entirely from scratch using a marble as the Earth, how much space do you think we’d need?

Well one group of friends did just that, and the result was pretty astounding. Alex Gorosh and Wiley Overstreet set out to build an honest representation of our Sun, Earth, and neighboring seven planets, but in order to do that, they needed space. So naturally, they headed out to the middle of the Nevada desert to begin their impressive project.

They took a day and a half in the desert to correctly measure and map out the space they needed for their mini Solar System. Starting with an “Earth” the size of a marble, the total size of their creation was seven miles. That’s right, seven. And they did it.

The coolest thing about this project is probably the precision that went into mapping everything out. Their beautifully edited video only shows bits and pieces of the planning that went into this. Imagine driving out seven miles just to stand a little sphere on a stick and call it Neptune. Then I’m pretty sure they mapped out the actual orbits of each planet, too.

They started with a marble for the Earth. You won’t believe how big this project became.