The World’s First Hoverboard Can Finally Be Yours!

Oct 27, 2014 at 6:15 pm |

We’ve been waiting for one ever sine Marty Mcfly stole his from a little girl. That’s right, your Back to the Future II fantasies are about to come true–the hoverboard has finally arrived!

The product became available recently through a private Kickstarter campaign. Called Hendo Hoverboards, one of the ten prototypes for the product could have easily been yours for the low, low price of $10K (as a donation to the company’s fundraiser.) The boards, created through “magnetic architecture,” use the natural phenomenon to hover above metal surfaces only–which might be the products biggest detour from our fantasies. The design currently offers little control, but the company has big plans for developing not only the boards in the future, but also large scale technology made for moving anything from furniture to entire buildings.

In another really cool move, the company is offering a small white hover box for only $300. Their goal is to offer other people the opportunity to explore the technology and see what else they can make float with it.

Clearly the campaign has worked, since the company has already raised over $372,000 in just a short time– which is oodles above their $250,000 goal. Hopefully we can expect great things from Hendo, as well as a functioning model on the market sometime soon.

The future is here. It’s only a matter of time before our cars also float along–tirelessly.


The future has arrived. That’s right, you’ll soon be able to ride your very own hoverboard. Find out when!