Terrifying Bridge Collapse Caught on Camera

Oct 9, 2015 at 12:46 pm |

bridge collpase 1

Source: Dailymotion/ Hernandogomez

What’s your worst fear? Is it heights? How about having disaster strike when you’re out in the wilderness? I hate to say it, but this video combines the two.

A group of French tourists received the most unpleasant thrill of their lives this week while hiking around Lake Waikaremoana in New Zealand. According to the Department of Conservation, a cable on the Hopu Ruahine bridge “released” under the weight of several people, well under the bridge’s weight capacity.

The unsuspecting tourists were thrown about 25 feet into the river below. Thankfully, none of them sustained serious injuries. The bridge is now under inspection, although authorities contested that all bridges in the park are checked thoroughly every two years to prevent accidents like this.

The most amazing part of all is that one of the hikers caught the entire event on camera. It’s one thing to hear about stories like this and something entirely different to watch and relive it. Does this remind anyone else of that nail-biting scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Honestly, the only thing missing here are the vicious crocodiles waiting in the river. It’s a miracle none of the tourists were hurt.

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Bridge Fall by hernandogomezrocks

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This is some Indiana Jones insanity right here.