‘Supergirl’ Releases Surprisingly Captivating Trailer

May 14, 2015 at 4:13 pm |

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I have to be honest here: over the past few months, as more and more Supergirl stories started trending – be it casting information to newly-released stills – I was a doubter.

At first glance, Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) annoyed me. I didn’t believe in her pose, her “power,” and I’ve never been crazy about the Kara Zor-El storyline origins. That said, I’m biased.

Then again, I had based my opinions off of minimal information, and now that I’ve seen the trailer (over six and a half minutes strong!), I’m singing a different tune.

Supergirl comes to CBS this November and brings us a new type of superhero. Melissa Benoist is offbeat, honest, and best of all, she’s unassuming. If she doesn’t look super yet, it’s because this show is going to be all about her learning how to be super and embracing her true identity as someone who is anything but normal.

You can be sure to expect some major girl power in the series. The trailer emphasizes the heavy focus on interpersonal relationships between women: Kara and her step-sister, Kara’s boss, and (we can assume) Kara and the girls she will inspire. For all the haters out there, the trailer even comes complete with a self-aware joke about lesbianism, a label many female superheroes have been cast under in the past. Notwithstanding, we’re sure Kara’s love life with the gentlemen around her will also be a playing factor that keeps her character within the realm of normalcy (if only slightly).

The biggest problems I can see with our first preview revolve around the fact that I don’t know if I believe the world that the show takes place in. While we can only hope Superman makes some sort of appearance down the line, I really don’t like the idea that he’s some offstage god doing his thing over in Metropolis without ever showing his handsome face (for now). If they’re cousins, I don’t get why they wouldn’t tackle crime together more often. It also looks like the big enemies in the series are going to be aliens, so we’ll just have to hope they do that well.

Otherwise, special effects look pretty decent considering it’s CBS, so all of the flying, fighting, and saving the day will hopefully look convincing.

What do you think? Will Supergirl be powerful enough to impress critics and last for more than one season?

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, and it’s certainly not a man. Meet Supergirl.