Stop Everything! Stephen Hawking Will Be On Reddit’s AMA!

Jul 28, 2015 at 2:40 pm |

Everybody! Everybody! My future BFF, Professor Stephen Hawking (he just doesn’t know it yet ) will be on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything forum. The thread has become insanely popular to for those curious about the jobs and lives of others, including many politicans, movie stars, musicians, comedians, journalist and more. This will be Hawking’s first AMA and hopefully not his last.

Despite his many, many advances in scientific research, the discussion will be limited to artificial intelligence. Hawking writes, “I signed an open letter earlier this year imploring researchers to balance the benefits of [artificial intelligence] with the risks. The letter acknowledges that AI might one day help eradicate disease and poverty, but it also puts the onus on scientists at the forefront of this technology to keep the human factor front and center of their innovations.”

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Due to his physical constraints from ALS, questions are submitted in advance instead of the typical live chat. You can check out the hundreds of queries and thousands of comments. Hawking will be providing his answers at his own pace over the next few weeks. If you have your own questions, Reddit is accepting submissions through August 4th.

Are you conflicted about artificial intelligence? Do you think the world is headed into what it was imagined in the film Transcendence? Are we going to have to deal with Skynet or the Matrix? Let us know your thoughts!

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Stephen Hawking + Reddit = Awesome!