This Awesome ‘Star Wars’ Animation Brings You to the Dark Side

Mar 25, 2015 at 5:35 pm |

Wait, did we just kill off R2… and enjoy it? Say it ain’t so! Still, this is one of the coolest pieces of Star Wars fan art we’ve seen in a while.

When you were younger, didn’t adults always tell you to try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes? Then kick off your Jedi boots and buckle your seat belt, because you’re about to go for the ride of your life amidst a fleet of TIE fighters.

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The Empire really does strike back in this thrilling short film by Paul Johnson. Done in ’80s-style anime, this piece is sure to make you nostalgic not just for Star Wars, but for your favorite childhood cartoons. Since being posted to YouTube yesterday (March 24), the video already has more than 1,443,000 views. Unreal.

This short film is really well done. One of the coolest things about it has to be how Johnson humanizes the TIE fighter pilots, turning them into badass fighters (both male and female) instead of faceless enemies like in the movies.

For the first time, you might just feel safer aboard a Star Destroyer than with the Rebel fleet.

The Force is strong with animator Paul Johnson, who made the incredible short film “TIE Fighter”. You’re going to love what you see…