Star Wars Just Made the Shower Even Better

Oct 15, 2015 at 4:46 pm |

Let Darth Vader Can Shower You with Love

star wars shower head featured

Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

Just about everybody is psyched for the new Star Wars movie, and companies are hopping on the brandwagon nonstop in order to cash in on the retail party.

The latest addition to the merchandise rush comes from Bed Bath & Beyond, the home goods store that’s being filling your house with (un)necessary stuff since 1971 (only a few short years before the Star Wars saga began.) And no, we’re not talking kid’s bedspreads or Yoda backpacks; in preparation for The Force Awakens, BB&B went in for the real deal.

Have you ever dreamt of standing there in the nude while your favorite Star Wars character douses you with water from above? Then look no further: Star Wars shower heads are here.

Sure, we’ve seen the soup, the speakers, and even the droids, but bringing Star Wars into the shower is a whole other galaxy.

Luke, I am your faucet.