Star Trek’s George Takei Turns 78: What Does He Want for His Birthday?

Apr 20, 2015 at 6:23 pm |

Yes indeed, it's my birthday week! But friends, in lieu of gifts, my birthday wish is simply that fans donate a buck or two to my legacy project:

Posted by George Takei on Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy birthday, George Takei!

Who could have guessed that when this Japanese-American actor originated the role of Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu in 1966, that we’d be here almost half a century later honoring him?

Born in Los Angeles on April 20, 1937, Takei came from humble beginnings. During WWII, he and his family were forced to spend years in makeshift housing and internment camps due to their Japanese heritage. Since his big break with Star Trek, Takei has risen to international stardom, holding a beloved place the hearts and minds of many.

These days, Takei is best known for his major presence on social media as well as his activism for LBGT rights and Japanese-American relations.

In fact, showing his true dedication to charity and philanthropy, instead of birthday gifts, George is asking for donations towards an important project of his. He is currently fundraising to produce Allegiance, the “epic, multi-generational tale” of a Japanese family that will share his story and the story of thousands of others. Through his fundraiser, he hopes to bring this musical to the Broadway stage, which will then donate profits to the Japanese American National Museum.

According to “Uncle” George,

“Art, in any form, has the power to transform minds and hearts, and creates the possibility that fear and prejudice will cease to spark injustice.”

In honor of his 78th birthday, take a moment and consider donating for a wonderful cause!

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For the “Star Trek” celebrity’s birthday, there’s a special way he’s asking you to help! Click here!