See the Rejected Iron Man Movie Logos

Sep 9, 2015 at 4:13 pm |


iron man fail 3

Source: Twitter @rdj_fan_jp

It takes a lot of time and work for a studio to come up with the perfect artwork and designs to promote their upcoming blockbusters, and superhero movies are no different.

Fede Ponce, the Creative Director behind some Marvel movies, recently sat down for an interview and revealed the dirty secrets of the creative process for movies like Iron Man. Thanks to the cool interview with Film Sketchr, Ponce even shared some of the rejected Iron Man title cards, and they are fascinating.

Click through below to see what the logo for some of your favorite Marvel movies almost looked like. Which one is your favorite? Be sure to SHARE with your friends!

Maybe if Iron Man were from another planet…


iron man fail 1

Source: Twitter @rdj_fan_jp

Looks way too much like Monsters, Inc.


iron man fail 4

Source: Twitter @rdj_fan_jp

Click through to see the rest of the failed logos! These are crazy.

You won’t believe what the “Iron Man” logo almost looked like…