See the Evolution of the Joker

Apr 27, 2015 at 4:24 pm |

Supervillain and archenemy of Batman, the Joker has been one of the most popular comic book, cartoon, and now live-action characters for over 75 years. But was one portrayal of him better than another?

One of the most difficult aspects of playing the Joker is not only how to compete with the other great names that have come before you, but also the fact that you’re only a human trying to play a part that has existed fluidly in the world of fiction for so long, developing and changing at the whim of any given writer.

At the end of the day, one thing is for certain. The Joker has remained one of the most important and recognizable characters from within the world of superheroes since his introduction in 1940. Year after year, he is awarded many titles such as the fifth-greatest character of the past 20 years (Entertainment Weekly), “Comics’ Greatest Supervillain” (Wired), as well as the #1 spot on Total Film‘s 100 Greatest Movie Villains list in 2014.

joker idea conrad veidt the man who laughs

The inspiration for the Joker we know today (Photo by Conrad Veidt/

Click through to see the different depictions of the Joker throughout the years. Which is your favorite?


See how the Joker has changed from 1940 to today. Which is your favorite portrayal?