Did Superman Copy Color Themes from ‘The Dark Knight’? See ‘Man of Steel’ in Real Color!

Apr 24, 2015 at 12:41 pm |

In recent years, superhero movies have turned from glamorous displays of color and superhuman prowess into darker, grittier tales of human struggle.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy gave us an immense, realistic Gotham plagued with petty criminals and evil masterminds alike. But hasn’t Batman always (or at least commonly) had a flair for all things noir? And should other superhero films copy that standard theme in colors and post-production editing?

The video below, posted to YouTube earlier this week by VideoLab, gives us the awesome opportunity to see 2013’s Man of Steel like never before…in color.

It sounds weird, considering all of Hollywood’s technical advancements, but it’s true. Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder, took the historically more colorful and lighthearted Superman and made him, well, bleak.

We know from pictures taken on set that Henry Cavill’s costume was just about as bright red and blue as can be, but none of those rich, familiar tones made it into the final cut. VideoLab implies that Snyder made the decision to stick to a dark, desaturated look based on Nolan’s super successful films. But was this the right choice?

After a while, all the blue-green hues become tiring and even bizarre to look at, making the movie about as muted visually as it was plot-wise. The film was criticized for lacking some sense of joy, and I would venture to say that the edited colors (should Lois have grey skin?) don’t help its case.

Should we be worried about Batman v Superman, too? The last thing we want in a movie that seems to set the world’s most famous superheroes against each other is an all-together depressing atmosphere. VideoLab makes the suggestion that shots of Batman could retain their noir quality while shots of Superman should stay lighter and truer. That would be really neat. What do you think?

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