Thanks to Ryan Reynolds, You Can Now See Deadpool Delivering a Baby

May 11, 2015 at 12:05 pm |

We all have our own way of celebrating Mother’s Day; some buy flowers, some write cards, and some prefer to load mom up with a few Bloody Marys at brunch. Not Deadpool.

Leave it to wise guy Ryan Reynolds to channel the quirky and filterless superhero from his upcoming film to take a more unusual approach to Mother’s Day. Even I was a little shocked to be scrolling down my Twitter feed yesterday only to see a picture of Deadpool delivering a baby with Reynolds’ caption, “#Deadpool: A motherf&$%er since 1991. #happymamasday.”

Marvel’s Deadpool is currently filming in Vancouver, and while it’s not set to release until February 2016 (usually a dead zone for movies), it’s already been doing a fantastic job at promotion. With a star lead like Ryan Reynolds playing the unconventional superhero, the production team has been able to have plenty of fun sending out weird yet appealing images, such as Deadpool sitting on the toilet or imitating that famous Burt Reynolds picture.

In an age of cinema where most of our superheroes are depicted as the good guys merely battling inner demons, it might just be perfectly refreshing to finally see this infamous antihero whose personal demons are very much an outwardly part of him.

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds. Here’s another awesome photo that only Deadpool could pull off!