Pay Homage to Christopher Lee by Rocking Out to His Awesome Heavy Metal Music

Jun 12, 2015 at 5:28 pm |

You guys, I have a confession. I kinda sorta love heavy metal music. Especially if it’s about historical themes and by Christopher Lee.

“The Bloody Verdict of Verden” is just one of many incredible songs from the late Sir Christopher Lee’s heavy metal music career. Following the actor’s passing earlier this week, his dedicated and more than slightly ridiculous music is gaining perhaps more popularity than ever.

At long last, the jack of all trade’s head-banging music, encyclopedic lyrics, and truly wondrous special effects can be appreciated by the masses, thus educating the general public about the trials and tribulations of the 9th century king, Charlemagne.

But in all reality, this video is pretty delectable, especially any clip involving a crowned Lee with a sword in hand, or when the first chorus hits at 1:43. This has been on repeat all day; I recommend you give it a chance, if not for me then for Lee.

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Sure, he was a great actor, but did you know that Christopher Lee also led a heavy metal career?