Orion’s Successful Splashdown, a ‘Picture Perfect’ First Mission!

Dec 5, 2014 at 3:39 pm |



The unmanned spacecraft Orion successfully made its way back down to Earth after making two orbits around the planet in about the same time it took you to fly to your grandma’s house for Thanksgiving (about 4 and a half hours).

Orion nailed its target in the Pacific Ocean, 400 miles west of La Paz, Mexico, with a landing described as a “bull’s-eye splashdown.”

The spacecraft, which is destined to take humans into deep space for the first time in more than 4 decades (since the Apollo missions that brought men to the Moon,) may eventually bring astronauts to Mars.

NASA deemed the mission “picture perfect,” which is very exciting considering that Orion is our first potential gateway to the Red Planet.

Orion launched this morning in a blast of glory after yesterday’s delay due to high winds, a misplaced boat, and some technical issues.

The video is inspirational proof of what we are capable of in space exploration, and what we can achieve in the future if we continue to steer our eyes upwards.

Watch Orion‘s incredible launch below!

The spacecraft that may take us to Mars completed its first mission with resounding success! Click here to see…