Oldest Person in the World Dies at 116

Jun 19, 2015 at 3:38 pm |

Who Is the Oldest Person in the World?

Jeralean Talley, formerly the world’s oldest person, died Wednesday (June 17) at her home outside of Detroit. At 116, she had held the distinguished title for just over two months.

Born in Montrose, Georgia in 1899, Talley turned the milestone 116 years old on May 23 and celebrated the big day with her family. She was recently hospitalized for fluid in her lungs but was able to return home in her final days to be with family.

Maybe the key to Jeralean’s long life was staying active as often as possible. It was reported that she bowled until she was 104, and that she would still go on outings and fishing trips with her family and friends.

Talley, who became the world’s oldest person on April 6 of this year, leaves behind one daughter. Her husband died at the age of 95 back in 1988.

The honor of being the oldest person alive now passes to Susannah Mushatt Jones of Brooklyn. She is currently 115, but her 116th birthday is on July 6.

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