Meet Your New Favorite Animal: The Sea Bunny

Jul 16, 2015 at 5:57 pm |

Sea Slugs Shaped Like Squishy Bunnies Have Won the Internet’s Affection



The ocean floor offers up some pretty interesting species – though not often do people find them ZOMG CUTE! Not true for Jorunna, a genus of sea slug that looks like an ooshy, gushy bunny rabbit without a face.

Jorunna parva, better known as sea bunnies, gained their social media traction recently in Japan and are now slowly slugging their way across the North American Twitterverse.

Sea Bunny


These little guys live around parts of Japan, the Philippines, and the Indian Ocean, and they’re typically colored white or yellow (that’s right: sea-Twinkies!)

The sea bunny’s strange ears – they look like tiny mascara brushes – are actually rhinophores, or chemosensory organs that allow the sea bunny to taste and smell chemicals as it slowly makes its way around the ocean floor. The Japanese name for jorunna parva is “gomafu biroodo umiushi”, “which loosely translates to black speckled velvet sea slug.”

So when can I have one?

sea bunny


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Squee! How cute is this little guy?!