Meet Hunky, the ‘Human Nunchuk’

Oct 1, 2015 at 2:59 pm |

Now Watch Me Whip


human nunchuk 1

Source: YouTube @MYKE CHAMBERS

Everybody wishes they could be a ninja, but one tattoo made this guy the real deal.

Enter Hunky (real name Steve) from Philadelphia. Sure, he may be living a somewhat alternative lifestyle, but the story behind how he turned a near-death experience into something positive is our uplifting article of the week.

Years ago, Hunky was shot by a .357 and suffered very severe damage to his right arm. While doctors were able to save his arm, not all of the bones and joints were restored fully, and Hunky can now swing it around from about the elbow down, virtually making it look like rubber.

A neat trick, but when two tattoo artists got involved, Hunky really made the most of his unique abilities, transforming himself into a real-life ninja.

Watching this guy whip his arm around will make you dizzy.