How to Fly: Man Builds Personal Flying Machine

Sep 2, 2015 at 5:07 pm |

super drone flying machine 1

Source: YouTube @gasturbine101

Pretty much everybody would love to be able to fly, and if the Wright Brothers could do it, there’s no reason for this British inventor not to.

One English man recently unveiled his very own personal flying machine that he calls “The Swarm.” The imposing craft is made up of a metal frame and 54 counter-rotation propellers AKA drones. Let’s not forget the lawn chair strapped to the bottom that makes this bad boy fit for any flying king.

This “Super Drone” can carry up to 326 pounds and fly for ten straight minutes on one battery charge. That’s pretty darn impressive considering this guy just put it together in his garage. Must be nice to have that kind of time on your hands and just casually fly around your backyard, waving to the neighbors.

super drone flying machine 2

Source: YouTube @gasturbine101

While personal flying machines seem pretty cool, it would be freaky to have these or similar contraptions buzzing around all the time, sounding like a massive swarm of bees every time they pass by. SHARE with your friends if you’d love to take a ride on this!

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Source: YouTube @gasturbine101

You won’t believe this homemade contraption until you see it in use!