‘Little Bunny’ Comic Has A Big Heart

Jun 30, 2015 at 6:38 pm |

Move over internet cats and doges, it’s bunny time!

Kitt Santos draws Little Bunny. Big World., an adorable online comic about an itty bitty rabbit in a complicated and overwhelming world. They may be simple drawings, but they are hilarious and heartwarming and sometimes even give good advice.

“I started using my own experiences and observations to bring the character to life, often making fun of my own shortcomings and little achievements. Just mundane stuff,” Santos writes. Mundane, but highly entertaining we say!

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Awwww…. #littlebunnybigworld #illustration #equality #lgbt

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Bookmark the page and start your day off with a giggle or an “Awwww!”

Now this is a daily inspirational we can get behind!