Lightning Strikes a Lake of Bourbon, What Happens Next Is Wild

Sep 10, 2015 at 11:54 am |

It Was a Bad Day for Jim Beam.


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What do you get when you mix large amounts of flammable alcohol, lightning, and very coincidental wind conditions? Disaster.

A Jim Beam bourbon factory in Kentucky was struck by lightning last week, and 800,000 liters (over 211,000 gallons) of the delicious drink went spilling into a nearby lake. But the loss of so much whisky isn’t even the worst part.

The flammable spirit then caught fire, and as it flowed down the hillside, it filled a lake and continued to burn mercilessly. The conflagration quickly tore through some nearby forest and contaminated a stream, killing off fish and other wildlife.

Then, as if it weren’t already ridiculous enough, perfect wind conditions caused a firenado to form on the surface the burning bourbon lake. You can see the unbelievable footage below.

This story is almost too incredible. A firenado over a burning lake filled with delicious Kentucky bourbon. Weather experts said the chances a firenado actually formed in the situation were super slim, making the event even crazier.

Thankfully, the water in the lake prevented the fire from spreading any further, and it was extinguished. Still, Jim Beam had to pay $27,000 in cleanup costs. If you love firenados (or just love whisky), SHARE this wild story!

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