Leaked: First Batman Sighting on ‘Suicide Squad’ Set

May 27, 2015 at 12:06 pm |

It’s about time!

Batman has finally showed his head on the Toronto set of Suicide Squad, and fans will not be disappointed.

Yesterday we showcased some leaked fan footage from a chase scene that was being filmed on the streets of the Canadian city, but today’s exciting updates have added the Caped Crusader clinging to the top of the Joker’s maroon Lambo. Don’t scratch the paint!

Unfortunately, this isn’t our boy Ben Affleck performing the stunt, but now that Batman’s appearance in Suicide Squad has been confirmed, we can only assume that the newest Batman will actually show his face, albeit briefly, in the movie.

If that’s true, we’ll be seeing Benny in Batman v Superman first, so I’m sure that audiences will already be polarized as to whether Affleck is worthy of donning the Batsuit in multiple movies.

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Batman is finally here! Now watch him ghostride the Joker’s whip.