‘League of Legends’ Fans Use 44,000 Dominoes to Great Beautiful Lineup of Champions

May 19, 2015 at 6:00 pm |

Are these the world’s biggest League of Legends fans or what?

The dedicated guys behind Tobben Domino – Ruben Jemaes and Tobias Hagehei – used 44,000 dominoes to bring you one of the coolest screen link videos you’ve ever seen. Trust us — no one has ever seen LoL played like this before.

This serious undertaking was the result of weeks of planning and preparation, yet it took less than two minutes for the impressive work of art to all fall down. There’s even a sweet nexus at the end, and it all comes tumbling to the ground.

Check it out!

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You’ve never seen a nexus fall like this before. See “League of Legends” played out in 44,000 dominoes!