Is This the Next Pixar Masterpiece?

Jun 3, 2015 at 7:06 pm |

Pixar has brought us some of the most memorable movies of our time and some of the most lovable characters to boot.

From Toy Story to Nemo to Monsters, Inc., Pixar‘s CGI graphics have become iconic in the world of animation, bringing a new generation of movie magic and wonder to young and old audiences across the world.

Do you think they can pull it off yet again?

Pixar has finally released a teaser trailer for the much-anticipated movie The Good Dinosaur, which comes out around Thanksgiving of this year. The animation looks pretty beautiful, but there’s nothing to be said yet as to what the movie might be about, except that it forgoes the dinosaurs’ mass extinction and is set in a world where dinosaurs are still alive.

Sounds like it could be pretty fun, but with Jurassic World already coming out this year, I might just wait till it’s on Demand.

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Can you find any Easter eggs in this trailer? I think I see Rex…