How to Talk to Aliens: Send a Personalized Message to Pluto

May 22, 2015 at 1:38 pm |

Have you ever wanted to communicate with aliens? How about send your name, pictures, and even voice messages out among the stars? Well now you can.

One Earth Message is a crowdfunding opportunity that will allow you to immortalize your name while becoming a part of history. Encouraged by NASA, the project aims to create a multifaceted, diverse, and inclusive “time capsule” of sorts that will journey with the New Horizons spacecraft on its journey to Pluto and beyond.

Started by Jon Lomberg, a former associate of Carl Sagan, the campaign accepts a wide variety of donations, with the ultimate goal of $500,000. As of today, May 22, it has raised about $14,000, or 3% of its goal. With a minimum donation of $50, you could include your name among the 150 MB of data to be sent. Once it has collected enough written, visual, and audio communication, the message will be uploaded to New Horizons before its expected flyby of Pluto on July 14 of this year.

One Earth Message‘s mission is based on prior attempts at communication, such as the one carried out by the twin Voyager spacecraft that emitted sounds and images representative of the Earth back in 1977.

Think about it: the extent of time and space that New Horizons could carry our videos, names, and messages across is practically boundless. Our own Solar System is immense, not to mention our galaxy. What are the chances that we’re the only living, sentient beings in the entire universe? Even if you don’t believe in aliens, sending out a message indicative of our many cultures at present could be found by humans far into the future, serving as a beautiful time capsule representing our (still early) days of space exploration.


This is awesome! Find out how much it will cost you to put your name out among the stars…