How Old Am I? Microsoft’s Facial Recognition Technology Guesses Your Age, Probably Insults You

May 1, 2015 at 12:37 pm |

How old do I look?

As if you needed a reminder, Microsoft just dropped a new website that uses facial recognition technology to guess your (or anyone else’s) age, but the results so far have been pretty hilarious.

The website, called, allows you to upload any image, and in a matter of seconds, it will come back at you with an estimated age.

My friends and I played around with this for hours last night, and while all of the estimates were generally a little off (Microsoft’s facial tech has a ways to go), the robot kept saying that our one friend (who is 25) was 80+. It was pretty hysterical.

In fact, on the site, which is super easy to use and have some fun with, Microsoft has a disclaimer that tells you they’re still working on their facial application programming interface (API), which aside from guessing someone’s age can also help determine if a face appearing in multiple pictures belongs to the same person. Think of how Facebook already knows who’s in your picture before you tag it.

Have you tried old yet? Did it work for you?

We played around with a few of our favorite shows and movies, and this is what we got:

The Big Bang Theory

Actual ages around time of photo: 30, 39, 26, 37, 31
Score: 0/5

The Avengers

Actual ages around time of photo: 45, 48, X, X, 28, X, 39, 42, 45, X
Score: 2/6

Silicon Valley

Actual ages around time of photo: 36, 31, 32, 29, 32
Score: 1/5

Game of Thrones

Actual ages around time of photo: 11, 12, 21, 21, 21
Score: 0/5

Let us know how spot-on or dead-wrong the site is for you!

How old does the Microsoft robot think you are? You might be insulted.