Remember When Your Favorite ‘Friends’ Characters Tried Using Windows 95?

Aug 24, 2015 at 5:03 pm |

“Oh look, Matty, I’m computing.” – Jennifer Aniston, 1995

windows 95 friends 1

(Photo by YouTube/ FooltechFromTheAshes)

Brace yourselves, folks, this commercial is about as painful as they come.

August 24 marks the 20th anniversary of Windows 95, the operating system that changed the computer playing field back in the day (and that your grandma might still be using at home.) To honor the special milestone, we took a look back at the ridiculous marketing strategy Microsoft used to promote its new product, namely, capitalizing on the iconic sitcom Friends.

In the instructional video below, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry learn how to use Windows 95, all while showing off how incredibly easy the new system is. I sincerely hope they got paid well for this gig because the result is so painful, it’s nearly impossible to get through without laughing 20 years later.

What starts as some strange Wizard of Oz parody quickly turns into a faux-sitcom, complete with drug references, blatant racial stereotyping and over-the-top guitar riffs after every little joke. You won’t believe the ridiculous computer-speak the actors have to use, totally non-ironically. It’ll make you hope we don’t look back at our current technology today in 20 years’ time and regret every single text.

It’s truly a wonder that computers have come so far, no thanks to Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry. You seriously have to watch this video, and be sure to SHARE it.

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Technology in the ’90s was SO PAINFUL. Do you remember this?