How Did Yoda Get Into a Book of Medieval Monsters?

Apr 24, 2015 at 3:50 pm |

A mystery it is, hmm.

Just how an image of what looks exactly like Jedi Master Yoda managed to appear in a 14th century manuscript is puzzling the world today, following the release of the new book Medieval Monsters.

Dr. Damien Kempf, one of the book’s authors, discovered the drawing over a year ago. He describes the Yoda lookalike as “having a scholarly attitude like Master Yoda.”

The drawing first appeared in the “Smithfield Decretals,” a French document from around 1300. According to a British Library curator, the illustration is supposed to be of Samson.

But that’s not the only famous sci-fi character who makes a distinct appearance in medieval manuscripts. Check out the monster on the top left of the image below. Recognize him?

That’s a dead-ringer for Star Trek‘s Quark, or at least for some other Ferengi.

Who knows what other characters will pop up in Medieval Monsters?

Unbelievable. They just found this image of Yoda in a book from 1300…