Guess How Much This Gold Vladimir Putin Phone Case Costs

Oct 9, 2015 at 12:00 pm |

Say “Do Svidaniya” to Your Savings

gold putin phone case 1


Russian president Vladimir Putin turned the big 63 on October 7th, and people clearly didn’t hold off on the luxury in order to celebrate the notorious world leader.

Luxury Russian phone company Caviar–of course it’s named Caviar–pulled out all the stops when it introduced the “Ti Gold Supremo Putin Anniversario Edizione 63” phone case, inexplicably named in Italian, to celebrate Putin’s 63rd birthday.

Designed for the iPhone 6S (only the best), just 63 copies of the new, deluxe case were manufactured, making them not only practical but collectible as well. According to the description on Caviar’s website, the titanium case, its “color, texture and strength characteristics accurately reflect the essence of a strong, invincible and strong-willed character, inherent to the person who never gives up.”

gold putin phone case 3


The titanium case also features a golden relief profile of Putin, as well as gilded emblem and passage from Russia’s national anthem. Each of the 63 cases has a unique identification number engraved on the side. So, how much for this phone case fit for a president?

Would you be willing to pay this much for an epic Putin phone case?