Get Obsessed With My Idol, the New App That Will Turn You Into a Scary Chinese Avatar

Apr 24, 2015 at 2:44 pm |

Everybody loves a good app, even if they’re only fun for a hot second.

The newest bizarre entertainment you can have in the palm of your hands is My Idol, a Chinese app that allows you to turn yourself, your friends, family – anyone, really – into creepy-yet-oddly-charming avatars.

The upside is that the app allows you total creative expression. First, you take a picture of your (or someone else’s) face. The app scans the image and plants you on a blank canvas avatar of sorts. Then you get to pick your age, skin tones, hairstyle, clothes, and more by clicking through a pleasingly wide variety of options.

After you’re satisfied with your new identity, you can choose from a bunch of different activities like singing, motorcycle riding – even pole dancing – for a final result that allows you to explore even your most secret fantasies.

At the moment, you can find tons of awesome (and nightmarish) My Idol avatars taking over the internet. Some kind soul even made an English-language guide to help you out so that you won’t accidentally upload your video to a Chinese social platform (yes, that’s a real option).

Naturally, I made a humanoid R2D2 showing off his pole-dancing routine. Happy Friday!

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