George Lucas Protests ‘Star Wars,’ Claims ‘Greedo Shot First’

Apr 23, 2015 at 3:14 pm |

Solo or Greedo? Greedo or Solo? It’s a question as old as time itself.

But the debate is never more prevalent than when at a Star Wars convention. And when it comes to Star Wars cosplay, it turns out that nobody is off limits, not even creator George Lucas himself.

Cue this superfan, who staged a fake protest outside of a recent Star Wars celebration. Posing as George Lucas (with pretty convincing looks, for that matter), the man picketed in front of a crowd of curious onlookers, chanting that “Greedo shot first!”

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And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen him. A few months ago, “George Lucas” tried crashing the set of The Force Awakens, only to be kicked out by security. I wonder what the real Lucas must think!

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Where do you stand in the Greedo/ Solo debate?

This guy is out of his mind! Where do you stand in the age-old debate of “Who shot first?”