Introducing ‘Game of Hyrule,’ Every Geek’s Dream Come True

Apr 8, 2015 at 11:07 am |

Just imagine in some perfect world if Hyrule were a part of the Seven Kingdoms.

Yes, it’s an awesome thought to have, and it feels even more like reality thanks to this incredible YouTube video entitled “Game of Hyrule.”

The chill-inducing video was posted by Megasteakman and involves some pretty serious special effects and fantastic music that cooly take the Light World from A Link to the Past and present it to us pop-up style à la Game of Thrones intro.

At the end of the video, they tease “the Dark World is coming”… could there be another video to look forward to in May? Stay tuned to Geek VIP!

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If you’re a “Game of Thrones” or Zelda fan, this will give you chills! I wish this were a real show!