You Won’t Believe Where Eminem’s Daughter Is Now

Jul 22, 2016 at 4:32 pm |

Hailie isn't a little girl anymore..

Eminem is notoriously known for his lyrical prowess. The 8 Mile rapper cultivated his career through his candor, lyrical dexterity and tongue-twisting flow. Many of his biggest songs revolved around people that played integral roles in his life including his ex-wife Kim, his mother and his daughter Hailie. The love between Eminem and his daughter was always on his display especially on songs like “Mockingbird,” “Beautiful,” and “Hailie’s Song.” That was back when Hailie was merely a little girl. Now, Eminem’s baby girl is all grown-up. Take a look and she what she’s been up to now.

Eminem with his daughter Hailie

Source: Instagram @7amoodali_007

Hailie is all grown up!

Hailie is all-grown up