News Reporter Spotted In Background of Live News Watching Adult Film

Aug 11, 2017 at 4:12 pm |

I'll bet that guy already got fired

Things can go so terribly wrong when you’re broadcasting live. We’ve all seen weathermen wipe out when the storms they report get a bit too strong. We’ve seen sportscasters get bashed in the head by flying balls. Who hasn’t seen the most viral crazy news clip ever when that lady who was stomping grapes up on a high platform tripped, fell on her face, and moaned in pain? Seriously, we’ve seen tons of strange, live-TV strange mishaps over the years… but I can definitely say that this one is totally new!

It was just a normal broadcast for the BBC News at 10; it was actually a slow news day on Monday, August 8. The anchorwoman was trying to get through her story on a cricket game, but all eyes were on a small computer screen in the background that was playing a very inappropriate video that sent laughter and gasps through the three-million strong audience.

guy watching porn in background

Credit: BBC

It’s a good thing that this anchorwoman didn’t look behind her…