These Alternative Yoga Classes Are Perfect for Zen Geeks

Jun 24, 2015 at 9:00 am |

Why do basic yoga when you can stretch your nerds muscles?

And tadaa!

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It seems like everyone does yoga these days. It’s a low impact workout that makes you feel great inside and out. It calms my sourpuss demeanor and allows me to pick stuff up off the ground without grunting. However, sometimes the classes can get a little boring if you aren’t in the mood to concentrate. Well there’s hope for people whose personalities don’t mesh well with the basic babes and bros at some yoga studios. It’s a nerd’s dream come true! “Crouching Pikachu” sounds a lot more enticing than “chair”, don’t you think?

Waterfalls and sunshine bore you? Check out these innovated yoga classes.

We can't believe some of these alternative yoga classes are real