This ‘Teen Mom’ Star Explains Why She Is Taking a Break From the Show

Jun 21, 2017 at 12:52 pm |

She just needs to be away from "boys" and be a mom

For the people who are lucky enough to appear on one the Teen Mom shows, they know that they get handsomely rewarded for simply letting their everyday lives be filmed. But all of that dirty laundry and drama getting seen can certainly be embarrassing, and it could potentially close the doors of a normal career to you later in life. One lady on the popular franchise has decided that it will be better for her to have a real career right now rather than mess up her future.

naomi konickova looking down

Source: YouTube @GingerbreadUK

But she says that she’d love to come back when her career gets started.

But she says that she'd love to come back when her career gets started