Shel Silverstein Quotes That Are Totally Relatable Now

Jun 1, 2017 at 10:43 am |

Silverstein was on to something

There are plenty of things you can relate to now more than when you were a child. Naps are a good example. What you wouldn’t give to redeem all those free opportunities to sleep throughout the day, right?

Shel Silverstein, famed American poet and children’s book author responsible for Where the Sidewalk Ends, may have passed away, but his words live on. Now that you’re older, nostalgia and time may help you to understand these wise words once and for all.

Shel Silverstein plays a guitar

Source: Imgur/KiltedCowboy

Shel Silverstein quotes that will make more sense to you now that you’ve grown up.

Your younger self will thank you