Meet the Queen of Cosplay

Jun 5, 2015 at 1:14 am |

What's the best cosplay costume?

Elizabeth Oldak has absolutely mastered the art of cosplay.

The best part is that she does all the hard work herself from start to finish, using her skills as a seamstress to build her costumes and her talent as an actress to really play the part.

From social media to various fan conventions, Oldak, who calls herself Elizabeth Rage, shows her followers the before and afters of her favorite costumes. I love how she’s unafraid to genderbend, turning herself into a female Hades or Jack Frost on a whim.

But just because she’s not afraid to dress up as even the most hideous Infected Clicker from The Last of Us doesn’t mean she doesn’t use her natural and aesthetic beauty to become the most beautiful princess as well.

This girl is truly the belle of the comic con ball.

Start the slideshow to see the Cosplay Queen's coolest costumes!