Jenelle Evans Getting Her Own Spinoff Show?!

May 18, 2017 at 11:20 am |

Jenelle's luck is really turning around!

Though Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have turned out to be far more successful than MTV predicted, that doesn’t mean that it can necessarily last forever. The eight ladies we follow on the shows aren’t teens anymore; they’re all grown up, and their children are growing up too. They’re becoming more mature and leading less dramatic lives than they used to. It might be time for a change.

while all this talk about spin-off shows is swirling, Jenelle Evans gave us a little clue about what might be in her future.

jenelle evans selfie

Source: Instagram @j_evans1219

When asked if she would be getting her very own show one day, Jenelle gave us a hint.

The hint is too juicy to not share