Jared from Subway and Other Celebrity Endorsement Fails

Jul 7, 2015 at 7:58 pm |

It Was Only an Honest Mistake!

It isn’t easy being a celebrity. Between endorsements and incessant press and paparazzi, your face and image can be plastered all over the place, and before long, you can’t even make your own decisions without people getting upset.

When brands pick up celebrities (or make new ones) through advertising campaigns, the world comes to know these people as being synonymous with certain companies and products. Spokespeople may seem to be living the life, but the second they have one slip up, their brand can drop them, and their 15 seconds of fame could be gone forever.

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britney spears

Whoops, she did it again! (Photo by Jason Merritt/ Getty Images)

These spokespeople marred their reputations forever. #19 will crack you up!

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