If You Think Cyst Popping Is Gross, Check Out This Earwax Irrigation Clip

Apr 14, 2016 at 10:56 am |

The disgusting wonders of the human body

So if you love pimple popping and cyst removal videos, this is all for you. We all should know that ear cleaning should be part of our hygienic routine. Ear wax buildup can not only be gross to look at (for other people), but it can end up affecting your hearing. Sometimes excessive buildup can happen to the cleanest of people because reasons.

That’s what happened with YouTube user Stephen Bergs. His ear canal was completely blocked, which is no fun. Especially since he had to go to a doctor to get it flushed out. What comes out resembles, well, you’ll see.

guy with cotton swab in ear

Credit: NorGal/Shutterstock

The disgusting wonders of the human body…

I hope you haven't had eaten yet...