Elderly Man Beats Up Racist Drunk After He Repeatedly Calls Him the N-Word

Nov 28, 2016 at 2:55 pm |

He asked for it!

Since the presidential election began back in 2015, there was no way to predict how racist Donald Trump’s platform would become. Now you’ve probably heard every single opinion about Trump (whether you like him or not) that you could possibly care about, but the fact remains, there has been a sharp societal upswing in racism and sexism since he starting campaigning. Whether or not Trump himself is truly sexist or racist doesn’t matter anymore. He gave bigots a platform and a voice to raise their prejudiced opinions and that’s one of the biggest problems we’re facing as a country right now.

This elderly man wasn’t about to stand for a drunk man’s racist comments and gave him the whooping of the century.

drunk dude getting beat up in a fight

Source: YouTube @Atlanta Black Star

What would you have done?

He got what was coming to him!