Best Female Chest Tattoos

Feb 7, 2016 at 10:48 am |

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It takes a certain kind of person to get a chest tattoo: Daring, bold and a BAMF. While chest tattoos can be easily covered up, they are quite the statement piece when shown off. They are big pieces with a statement that show off individuality and coolness. And they have come a long way since the rose on the breast.

Chest pieces of women are becoming more and more popular. Not just for guys anymore, these awesomely hardcore ladies are showing off their artistic side right where you can see it. Check out some of the most intriguing chest ink these super cool ladies have emblazoned on them.

chest tattoo 001

Source: Instagram @babeswithtattoo


Watch your backs, bros. These ladies are more hardcore than you.

These chicks are more hardcore than you