Bedroom Positions You Think She Loves but She Actually Hates

Nov 10, 2016 at 1:02 pm |

Just Stay Away

Alright, we are going to beat you to the chase. Different girls like different things… we get that. But there’s a general consensus on what most women don’t like. While doing my research, I came across an article written by a girl who seemed to hate sex in general. She claimed that women hated: Doggy, Missionary, Cow Girl, Girl on back while the guy stands, 69, Spooning, and Standing. What’s left?! She also wrote that any type of oral was horrible. Ok, so maybe she’s not lame, maybe she has crazy sex that includes obscure positions that I’ve never heard of and I’m the one with the lame sex life.

Research continued and I found 15 women who wrote their own opinions about sex positions and it aligned more with what both I and friends have said in the past. So, we are gonna go with their testimonies. Here’s what most women hate in the bedroom.

Woman show red card to man in bedroom. Go away from bed! Image ID:214963543 Copyright: maxriesgo

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These are definite No-Nos!

The more you know...