13 Creepy Urban Legends That Really Happened

Jun 30, 2015 at 1:58 pm |

The Call's Coming From Inside the House...

Every culture, every country, and every town has its own urban legends. Some of these tales of horror transcend generations and borders, while other myths remain very unique to a specific place and time.

Even if you choose not to believe in urban legends, the tales they tell stick with you, lending an air of fear and mystery to your area or neighborhood. At the very least, they’re perfect for sharing on a stormy night or around a camp fire.

The only thing worse than hearing a terrifying urban legend and not being able to sleep is knowing that the story you just heard is true. These 13 urban legends, ranging from the spooky to the stuff of nightmares, have all really happened in some capacity. Can you handle it?

raymond robinson green man

The faceless Green Man of Pennsylvania (Photo by wikipedia.org)

Can you even read through all of these true urban legends? #6 happened in the town next to mine…

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